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Welcome to the Flavor Vapor Blog


How to take care of your Vaporizer


By: Tiffany Davis

Flavor Vapor Media Specialist

              When I started vaping I, didn’t know very much. I just thought you put e-juice in vape on it and charge the battery now and then. I didn’t even think about maintenance on my vape. Just like a car or any other piece of machinery my APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) device needed TLC now and then. So, I’ve come up with a few ideas to keep your vaporizer maintained!

            Many of us don’t clean out vaporizer until a tank floods, changing e-juice, or charging the battery. This could mean you vaporizer doesn’t get cleaned but, every few weeks! Cleaning the connection between the battery and atomizer is easy and keeps a strong connection. You can use a clean dry lint free cloth to GENTLY clean both battery and atomizer connections. My personal favorite would be lightly dipping a q-tip with rubbing alcohol or Everclear grain alcohol and again GENTLY cleaning both battery and atomizer areas. While you have your vaporizer apart it doesn’t hurt to blow through the tip to make sure there is no fluid or e-juice stuck in there! When you put it back together handle it with care not to damage the small connections. A “snug” fit should be good!

I can’t ever stress enough about proper storage of these devices! Vaporizers have batteries that could combust without proper consideration! DO NOT charge your e-cig in your car. If you do… not leave it alone and do not charge it more than a few minutes! The adapters that are part of the wall charging unit have a safe feature that shuts off the charge to the vaporizer before anything could happen. Be careful of high temperatures like the inside of a hot car or lying out in the midday sun. Also like other mechanical devices you need to be careful of moister. Moister can damage and even kill a vaporizer. 

So, the most obvious is don’t drop or throw your vaporizer. Vaporizers do have sensitive inner workings that could get damaged. Plus, these things are not indestructible! If you have any more questions concerning the care of your vaporizer call, comment, or come in one of our stores! We have knowledgeable staff that can help with you vaping needs!


Tattle-Tale on Board

By: Tiffany Davis

Flavor Vapor Media Specialist


So, if you read our blog on a regular basis you know there are some pretty weird things happening in the world of vaping all the time. There was an article published yesterday concerning a woman’s experience while traveling Canada Air. On her account of the situation she witnessed a man using an electronic cigarette while waiting in line to board. She thought that they would ask him to stop using his personal vaporizer once he boarded the plane. To her dismay the man continued to use his personal vaporizer through the flight. She claimed that the air flight attendants had seen him and did nothing about it.  She thought because the air flight attendants did not do anything but they did not have regulations banning them on flights.  She thought about telling someone but she did not want to seem like a tattle-tale. This however did not stop her from complaining once they arrived to their destination to the pilot and flight crew while she was leaving the plane. The pilot and flight crew claimed that they do not see this man using his electronic cigarette. They told her that she should have notified the flight crew because it is against Canada air policy to use electronic cigarettes in the plane. She then proceeded to complain to Canada Air the helpdesk and e-mail the company.

Most planes, trains, and public transportation companies now have regulations banning the use of electronic cigarettes while traveling. This is to help protect the company and bystanders against any potential lawsuits because, there is still little known about the safety and health effects on people. Most airline companies claim that electronic cigarettes could potentially cause a fire or the vapor could set off the smoke detectors on a plane.

The reason for writing about this story is too remind people too be respectful of business and other people while using your personal vaporizer/electronic cigarette. We do not want any negative attention to electronic cigarettes because this is still a very sensitive time for the electronic cigarette community. I’m sure this gentleman didn’t want to attract attention but, everyone should know the regulations if they are traveling concerning the use of electronic cigarettes to prevent any negative attention to electronic cigarettes or themselves. There always going to be that one person that does not like electronic cigarettes and like this woman they will make a big deal of a small innocent incident.

If you want to read the whole story you can find the article;

We would love to read your suggestions, comments, or questions! Please find us on our Facebook, Twitter or website to leave you comment! As always “ Vaping Kicks Ash”!!! “ Vaping Kicks Ash”!!!





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